About Us

Heritage “Healthy Food, Happy Life”

About Heritage - "Healthy Food, Happy Life"

​Since 1986, Heritage Group has expanded to agricultural processing and manufacturing healthy food and beverages for numerous countries around the world. Today, Heritage operates in many countries globally and exports to over 60 countries worldwide.

Heritage Group’s determination is engrossed in presenting healthy lifestyle to enhance the health of consumers, under the concept, “Healthy Food, Happy Life”.

Apart from premium nuts and dried fruits for cooking and baking brand Heritage, one of current well-known brands under the Heritage Group is the famous California brand “Blue Diamond” almonds and almond milk. Other leading brands are; ; Nature’s Sensation granola, dried fruits and natural juices; Nut Walker premium nuts and snacks range; Sunkist Pistachio and Pistachio milk ; WonderPuff Popcorn; Francoise Gourmet Cookies; GoldFish premium ingredients for oriental cuisine ; LeRoot food and beverages for healthy lifestyle. There are also numerous products being on preparation process.

Heritage Snacks & Food Company is internationally recognized under the Heritage Group. The company is qualified by GHPs, HACCP and BRCGS food safety management system certified. The facilities are Halal and Kosher approved, ensuring all products meet national standards and regulations are enforced.

Our Success

Among our greatest accomplishments have been the shipping of our high end private label to leading US retailers for the last 10 years, and to the UK as well more recently.

Heritage is a licensee packer for two of the biggest US nut brands:
Blue Diamond Almonds and Sunkist Pistachios for the South East Asia regions.

Heritage markets our brands in 50 countries around the world,
serving branded consumer packs, food service packs and ingredients for custom made items.

Our 8 Quality Brands

All Good, All Natural

Heritage Group, a Thailand’s leading manufacturer of healthy food and beverages.